Robin’s Review of Resisting Madness

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Resisting Madness

by Wesley Southard

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Resisting Madness
by Wesley Southard

What drives a man mad?

Maybe it’s the death of a loved one...or the petrifying fear of hands around your throat…the dread of rejection…or maybe it’s the black, soulless eyes of a child that shatters your sanity…
Within these pages, delirium reigns supreme. You’ll discover how far a prisoner will go to be with his dying wife, and what lurks between the walls of that Louisiana jailhouse to keep him there. You’ll find out how deep a man can cut himself to dig out the past. You’ll meet a college professor whose fear of flying might be the least of his worries. And you’ll learn how a sister’s love for sweet treats can reunite a broken family…whether they want it or not.
Robin's Review: I was stoked to get my hands on a copy of this book at Living Dead Weekend! I was thrilled! It's imaginatively written, crosses multiple horror subgenres skillfully, and the stories are scary and deeply disturbing with twisty turns and incredibly details. The stories in this collection are also freaky as hell and deeply disturbing--in a good way if that sounds right. I found them fascinating, entertaining, and fun. I love his little tidbits, or as he calls them, Story Notes, which helped me to get to know him just a little bit more. I highly recommend this author and all of works.  This is another author that I am now a fan for life. You just can’t go wrong reading any of his books.  Seriously.
With Aliens and lot lizards…disembodied lips…the voice of God Himself…

Thirteen stories and a brand new novella from horror author Wesley Southard.

Within these pages, we all go a little mad…

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