Robin’s Review of Hanging Corpses

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Hanging Corpses

by Jay Bower

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Hanging Corpses
by Jay Bower

From demons to cannibals…
Fifteen horrific tales explore vast landscapes of terror whether it’s the woods at the end of the street or the icy reaches of space. Nothing is off limits.
Fear creeps through the tales and threatens to make the nightmares a reality.
Delve into Hanging Corpses and prepare to commune with the dead. They await your company.

Hanging Corpses
Tiny Piece of Soul
Remnants of the War
Flesh Hook
The Awful Gift
New World Hunger
From the Depths, Risen
Unstoppable Heart
Colony of the Damned
Roosevelt is for Lovers
Duardo (Roosevelt is for Lovers, Part 2)
Autumnal Thrill
The Voice of America
Robin's Review: All of these stories are freaking amazing in a horrific kind of way. My favorite, of course, must be New World Hunger because, ah, zombies! These short stories are well written and easy to read if you don’t mind some gore.  They are written so creatively that you feel part of the story. I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad.  Just kidding. It’s good.  Well Done, Jay Bower.  I am a fan for life.

Walk With Me Into the Dark

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