Robin’s Review of The City Grew Monsters

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The City Grew Monsters

by Hunter Adams

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The City Grew Monsters 
A Zombie Apocalypse Novel 
by Hunter Adams

Can a little girl survive a zombie apocalypse?
After her mother was killed by an intruder, six-year-old Magdalena “Maddy” Ruiz creates a rule for herself: avoid strangers. Always. But when the zombie apocalypse spreads through San Diego like wildfire, and reaches the Cielo Vista Towers where her father works the night shift as a doorman, she finds herself stuck in an empty 25th floor penthouse… and dangerously close to the new neighbors.
Robin's Review: This is a unique and fresh take on the zombie apocalypse genre. Why? Because it is being told and felt through a young girl’s eyes. Which is new for me at least. Maddy is only six and staying in an upstairs apartment while her father, Ernesto works downstairs.  When the crap hits the fan and it tuns into a zombie apocalypse and Ernesto doesn't come back for Maddie, she's left to fend for herself. Of course, there are others in the same boat, and you get to see it through their eyes too. This is a well-written, easy-to-read story. The characters are well-defined and relatable. I enjoyed this story and recommend it to others who want a little angst with their zombie apocalypse. I look forward to the continuation of Maddie’s story.

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