Agent Carrie Harris by GJ Stevens

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Following are the titles involving the main character, Agent Carrie Harris

by GJ Stevens


Operation Dawn Wolf: An Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller 

Book 1 of 3: Agent Carrie Harris

A suspense filled action thriller following Recruit Harris as she endeavours to survive the near-impossible Special Operations selection process. Packed with intrigue, high-stakes thrills, strong female heroes, and action-packed adventures.

Formed of recordings and team member journal entries, this file documents OPERATION DAWN WOLF, an EYES-ONLY covert operation to identify and terminate the perpetrators of an ongoing campaign aimed at the highly secret Special Operations candidate selection process.

The transcripts document the progression of [redacted] recruited 2Lt [redacted] (now known as Carrie Harris, aka Candidate Corra Hughes) through the agency’s Special Operations selection process, [redacted].

The files contain numerous redactions to protect the identities of current and past operations and operational agents, lowering the security status of the information from EYES ONLY to SECRET.

No details have been changed or edited, however the final report by [redacted] cannot be downgraded to SECRET and is therefore omitted.

OPERATION noun. An activity that is planned to achieve something: a military operation.

DAWN noun. The beginning of something new.

WOLF idiom. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.


Lesson Learned: An Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller

Book 2 of 3: Agent Carrie Harris

New recruit Agent Carrie Harris is deployed on assignment at last, but instead of the cut and thrust of a sprawling city, hunting the worst enemies of the state, she is placed as an au pair living with a family in the middle of nowhere, left only with two simple commands ringing in her ears.

Observe. Report.

After surviving the highly secret Special Operations candidate selection process, along with her first assignment (OPERATION DAWN WOLF), Carrie finds the slow pace of life difficult to adjust to. At first unsettled by the calm, she slowly relaxes into the distractions of suburban living and friendships blossom in the unlikeliest of places.

As the weeks go by still not knowing her purpose and with nothing other than the mundane to report, will Carrie keep focused when the tedious veneer cracks to reveal the deplorable reason for her dispatch? Can she be ready to act, ditching the temptation to make her cover story real, or revert to be the honed, ruthless operator again? Will she make the right choices or be sucked into a different life, distracted by a passion which threatens to overwhelm her?


The Gemini Assignment: An Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller

Book 3 of 3: Agent Carrie Harris

Only hours after stepping from a plane, and still reeling from the turmoil of her last assignment (LESSON LEARNED), Agent Carrie Harris’s journey to headquarters is interrupted when the Operation Centre task her to hunt down something so sensitive they can’t even tell her about it.

Carrie is under no illusion that her second official assignment would be easy, but little did she know, whilst hunting down the first clue, a childhood she’d consigned to a distant memory would confront her in a way only helpful to the enemy.

Distracted by a time she’d thought she’d forgotten, Agent Harris battles to concentrate on the hunt leading her across London and onwards to the suburbs, hoping to stay one step ahead of rivals intent on getting to the prize first.

Despite a constant concern that if she doesn’t succeed so many could die, including an innocent who’d become so important to her, the chase takes her over the ocean where her fears seem as if they have come true. Can our hero stay focused enough to see if she’s a match for the evil she’s confronted with and return what was stolen, or will Carrie lose everything she holds dear, including her life?


Other Titles in this Series:  

Now episode 1 of a new 15 episode series being release on an ongoing basis!

Stopping Power: Brass Pike: Episode One (Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power Book 1) 

Book 1 of 7: Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power

After a grueling training exercise in the Scottish mountains, Agent Carrie Harris is called to a place hidden from all civilization. Ill-prepared and under-equipped, she discovers a secret world filled with gruesome evidence of events she can’t comprehend.

As the time for creeping around comes to an end, can she look past the horror and bring her skills to bear to put an end to the unimaginable nightmare?


Stopping Power: Contact: Episode Two (Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power Book 2) 

Book 2 of 7: Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power

Unable to hide from what she’d seen at Brass Pike, Agent Harris dives feet first back into what she does best, but can she push away her nightmares long enough to keep herself safe.


Stopping Power: Overkill: Episode Three (Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power Book 3) 

Book 3 of 7: Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power

After being called away on a priority assignment only to find herself having to hurry up and wait, Harris is left alone with her thoughts until danger leaps from her memories, threatening to drag her back to the terror of her recent past.


Stopping Power: Bloodshot: Episode Four (Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power Book 4

Book 4 of 7: Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power

With her usually steadfast support crumbling at a critical time, can Harris rally those around her, take control and find the monster before it’s too late for everyone.


Stopping Power: Rampage: Episode Five (Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power Book 5) 

Book 5 of 7: Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power

With the truth laid bare about what she faces, and motivated by the terrifying consequences for so many should she fail, Carrie has no choice but to come to terms with the monsters she’s up against, and others working against her objective.


Stopping Power: Berserk: Episode Six (Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power Book 6) 

Book 6 of 7: Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power

Despite facing blind alleys and forced down wrong turns, Agent Harris tries her best to settle into the rhythm of working with a team. Pushing away her instinct to go it alone, with another man dead, the victim of a gruesome attack, she soon questions if there might be something else behind the terrible events.


Stopping Power: Red Dot: Episode Seven (Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power Book 7) 

Book 7 of 7: Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power

In spite of growing evidence that others are following the same trail, Agent Harris is unable to forget the last words uttered by O’Connor. After finding more hints that he’s connected to her current case somehow, and with the pages of the heavily redacted personnel file not able to give her the answers she craves, she knows there’s only one way to find out for sure.


Stopping Power: Copper Flail: Episode Eight (Agent Carrie Harris – Stopping Power Book 8)

Face to face with what has haunted her since the last time they’d met, all Agent Harris can do is trust that the culmination of everything that has gone before is enough to prepare her for the ultimate challenge.

This title will be released on December 2, 2022


Out of the Blue: An Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller Short Story

Waking in paradise with no memory of who she is, can Agent Harris piece together the true picture and retrieve her skills before it’s the last thing she ever sees?


Capital Action: An Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller Novella

After two years of clandestine operations, Agent Carrie Harris doesn’t know why she’s been attached to the Metropolitan Police. Could it be, as her superiors say, to hone her skills at breaking down doors and catching bad guys? Or is it to become accustomed to working as a team when she’s been so used to operating alone?

Putting her uncertainties behind her, Carrie leans into her new role, taking pleasure as part of a special task force targeting organised criminals, until during an early morning raid, her colleagues lay dead and dying around her.

After saving those still clinging to life, she can’t do as she’s told and sit around while others hunt down those who gave the order to murder her colleagues. Determined not to let their deaths be in vain, can she rally against those up high who want her to have nothing to do with the investigation? Can she make the right choices to bring justice for her friends when everything, even the people she should trust, seem to conspire against her?


Harm’s Way: An Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller Short Story

A short story in the Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller series.

On what seemed like an ordinary morning, Carrie finds herself in the crossfire of a violent bank robbery. As the horrible scene plays out before her experienced eyes, she must find a way to survive the encounter, and save the day.



I don’t want to say these are cute, but they are small, quick, and handy for a little light reading while waiting around a while. I enjoyed the main character, Carrie, and her no-nonsense way. I thought Carrie’s missions/stories were really thrilling and entertaining, and I had a lot of fun reading them!

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