Robin’s Review of Difficult Relationships In The Workplace and Deal With Toxic Family Members

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Deal With Toxic Family Members

Difficult Relationships In The Workplace

by Lucca Zeni

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Deal With Toxic Family Members: 7 Survival Secrets For Adult People To Set Positive Boundaries In Relationships With Parents, Siblings, And Relatives Within Five Weeks Without Cutting Ties 
by Lucca Zeni  
Have you ever wondered why you feel exhausted and frustrated when gathering with certain family members?

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Robin's Review: This book provides useful information about toxic family members and the behaviors or patterns you might see in yourself or your family members. It shows you how to acknowledge your possible triggers and emotions and how to deal with them. It also covers whether you should sever ties with the toxic person or family member and, if you can’t, what you can do to minimize their effect on you.
I found this book both interesting and helpful and highly recommend it.
Here are some thought provoking lines:
“Just like me, have you ever felt like you are the family’s “different one”? Do you have the impression that you’re not anything like other family members? It’s most likely because you are different from them, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, when dealing with toxic people, it’s crucial to remember that you can’t change them; thus, it’s best not to push them too much. Instead, save your energy for something less stressful.”
“Nobody Can Drive You Crazy If You Don’t Give The Keys”
“Love them from a distance. Pray for them, wish them well, but don’t allow them to abuse you.” ~ Kimber Waul
Difficult Relationships In The Workplace: Manage Diversity And Politics, Improve Your Resilience And Strength Effectively, Gain Emotional Intelligence, And Prevent Burnout 
by Lucca Zeni

Workplace toxicity is more than having a bad day at work or not getting along with your colleagues. Harmful behaviors get in the way of your performance. Some relationships can make you feel psychologically distressed, physically exhausted, or mentally depleted.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Robin's Review:I wish I had this book years ago.  This book goes over what is toxicity in the workplace, but it doesn’t stop there and leave you hanging.  Instead, it gives you solid information into the some of the reasons a person might be toxic and how not to get drawn into their negative behaviors.  It defines the seven personality types that you might come across in your job and how to work with them. It then dives into people’s perception of you and how you might go about changing it or not even trying.  It talks about boundaries and how to set them.  This is not a book of pointing fingers but teaches us we are all human with flaws and needs.  I found this book both interesting and informative, and I'll definitely read his other book on toxic family members.

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