Robin’s Review of Buried

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by Justin Boote

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by Justin Boote

When Amy is buried alive in her own back garden, she thinks she is going to die. She is beaten unconscious but fortunately, wakes up the next day still able to breathe. 
Managing to dig her way out, she vows revenge on those that buried her, for her and her young daughter’s sake.
And what she has planned for them all would make being buried alive seem trivial in comparison…

Trigger Warning
This book contains scenes of an adult nature. Do not read if easily shocked.
Robin's Review: Wow, just wow!! I finished this in one sitting because, well, it is a short story but also because I needed to find out how Amy Hunter got her revenge. Interesting ways. That’s all I am saying. You gotta read it for yourself. It is of the graphic nature, but hey, that is horror for you. An amazing story that is well-written and easy to read with twisty turns. Loads of fun, as always, with this talented author.

Walk With Me Into the Dark

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