Robin’s Review of Slaughter Lake

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Slaughter Lake

by David Viergutz and Jay Bower

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Slaughter Lake
by  David Viergutz and Jay Bower

For a group of friends, Slaughter Lake is about to earn its name…

It’s been years since Rebecca and her closest college friends vacationed at Slaughter Lake. What once was an annual trip became a distant memory filled with campfires and the peaceful serene landscape of their exclusive vacation spot.
Robin's Review: Slaughter Lake is a freaking trip. It starts all nice and all, and then boom. Blood, guts, gore, oh, and death! Wow, just wow! I read this in one night (yes, at night but with the lights on). It’s funny how you root for the characters, but you know some will die. This well-written freaky horror show will make you squirm in your seat but still turn the page. The descriptions were so vividly written that I gaged a few times. Or maybe that’s just me. I absolutely loved this book. Excellent job, Gentlemen.

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