Robin’s Review of Camp Slasher Lake: Volume One

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Camp Slasher Lake: Volume One

by D.W. Hitz

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Camp Slasher Lake: Volume One
Book 1 of 2: Camp Slasher Lake
by D.W. Hitz

A tribute to the glorious slasher movies of the 1980s

Volume 1 Featuring:

The Backwoods Decapitator by John Adam Gosham
Tall, Dark and Rancid by Gerri R. Gray
Camp Hell and the Hot Tub Hotties by Patrick C. Harrison III
The Children of Dagon by Carlton Herzog
Work Retreat by D.W. Hitz
The Faith by Derek Austin Johnson
A Love to Die For by J.D. Kellner
Bad Party by Brian McNatt
The Handyman by Nicholas Stella
The Deathless by Vincent Wolfram
Robin's Review: Wow, what a great and exciting collection of authors! As the blurb says, it's a tribute to 1980s slasher movies. I mean, who doesn't love the 80s and slasher films? They've got blood, death, gore, and stupid people. Typical 80s stuff. The authors added their own take to this slasher anthology, and it shows in their creepy tales. Each story was vividly told and so much fun to read. They all delivered a great story, and because of that, I can’t pick a favorite. The little Easter Eggs of the different bands had me feeling so nostalgic.

I'm looking forward to volume 2 in October.

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