Robin’s Review of The Ever-Descending Staircase

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The Ever-Descending Staircase

by James G. Carlson

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Ever-Descending Staircase
by James G. Carlson

In an old warehouse in Pennsylvania, a dark and terrible secret is shown to a researcher of spiritual phenomena. 
Monsters roam the wilds of America, all spawned by a strange being whose cycle of breeding, feasting, and nesting is interrupted by a small-town police officer, a cyber investigator, and a revenge-seeking father. A teenage boy without family or a home encounters tragedy and horror in the snowy woods, where the threshold between human reality and the impossible is guarded by an unlikely creature. At a seedy dive bar, while teetering on the edge of sanity, an afflicted alcoholic meets a stranger who changes his life forever. A pregnant veterinarian at a Wyoming zoo has an unexpected meeting with an infernal presence. A man trapped in a bizarre and lonely afterlife regrets his suicide. A grieving widower learns that even a selfless wish from the heart can end in a horrible fate when asked of cosmic entities beyond human reason and understanding.
Robin's Review: The Ever-Descending Staircase is a creepy collection of short stories that will keep you up at night…just thinking. These are well-written and easy to read. They are pretty imaginative and enjoyable. I won’t give anything away, but I, too, live in Pennsylvania. Definitely recommend this book.
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