Robin’s Review of The Black Rogue

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The Black Rogue

by Ashley Brion

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Black Rogue: 
A Brooke de Láuront Novel 
Book 1 of 1: 
by Ashley Brion

Tryniti Brooke de Lauront was formidable, beautiful, and a member of the French royal family. 
She hid a dark secret that only her family knew: she was the fearsome pirate The Black Rogue who sailed the seven seas as the most dangerous swashbuckler of her era. When she gets a letter from her uncle, King Louis XVI, that she needs to return home immediately to marry and take over the French throne, her entire world is thrown into chaos.
Robin's Review: The Black Rogue sets sail on a tale of love, betrayal, and sparks are flying more than just cannonfire.
I bought this book at an author meet and greet called Committed at the Hill View Manor. And boy am I glad I did.

I enjoy a strong female character, and Tryniti Brooke is very much one. The Black Rogue is a quick and easy-to-read romance story. It is set around the French Revolution in the 1800s. Tryniti is a princess and has been spoken for in marriage to Sean Reilly, but neither is ready to wed. This story had some twisty turns that kept me reading it all night until I finished it. I even gave it to my Mother, who also enjoyed it.
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