Robin’s Review of Monochrome Noir: A Rising Tide

Monochrome Noir: A Rising Tide Book 2 of 2: Monochrome Noir by Jack Wells

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Monochrome Noir: A Rising Tide

 by Jack Wells

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Monochrome Noir: A Rising Tide
by Jack Wells

A down-on-his-luck private investigator who loves whiskey as much as he loves solving cases. An outcast medical technician with a heavy heart and an unnatural ability. 
A brutal killer with a mysterious agenda.Welcome to Monochrome Noir, a detective story set in an alternate version of 1986 Los Angeles. It is a grayscale world, where items of color are the rarest of commodities, owned by few and coveted by many.After examining a violent crime scene beyond anything he has yet experienced, P.I. Henry Hardcastle hunts down additional clues in the most unlikely of places, drawn to the uncanny ability of a strange ally. Med tech Charlie Grant has her own encounter with the bizarre when an unexpected opportunity finds her at work, setting her on a collision course with Henry. And all the while, the mysterious killer lurks in the shadows, undergoing a change that defies explanation.
Robin's Review: A Rising Tide is the second book in the Monochrome Noir series and picks up where the first one leaves us. I enjoyed reading this story, but the missing pieces are killing me so much that I can’t wait for the next part. Nonetheless, it is fun, entertaining, and written well. I highly recommend this series.

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