Robin’s Review of Aleric Monster Hunter

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Aleric Monster Hunter

 by Fred Wiehe

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Aleric: Monster Hunter
by Fred Wiehe

Aleric Toma Bimbai is a two-hundred-year-old Rom, Gypsy, and a legend among his people.
He hunts monsters for bounty, a gun for hire, with secrets as dark as midnight in a graveyard. He is a hero and rogue rolled into one, with preternatural powers of his own, only slightly better than the supernatural creatures he hunts. His exploits border on the mythical and the legendary. His is a land where good versus evil in a never-ending battle for supremacy, and in his world a very thin line separates the two. He walks that line every night.
Robin's Review: Aleric is an action-packed urban fantasy story with the main character being a complex and interesting Gypsy named Aleric who hunts monsters. Exciting and entertaining. What can I say? You had me at zombies. I enjoyed reading this story. I always look forward to reading Mr. Wiehe's books.

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