Robin’s Review of A Lovely Paradox and Love Zindabad Not Jihad

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A Lovely Paradox and Love Zindabad Not Jihad

by Mahiraj Jadeja

Rating: 5 out of 5.
“Love Zindabad Not Jihad” is a story covering aspects of Love, Emotion and Spirituality through words. The story leaves its readers with a relatively intense emotional yet naive foray into love, and does it in a manner which is both pure and intense. 
When Raj , a common Indian man whose background was traditional and religious falls in love with Bella living in USA through Facebook., being innocent and crazy in love, he went for an American job visa against his parents’ wishes selling his ancestral land to meet her love and propose her for marriage but there was to lot to prove that whether his love for her was real or was it just plain lust?This is a quick read novella and would be suitable for readers who enjoy whirlwind romances that are unpredictable. Erotic, highly emotional and sensitive, A Lovely Paradox is a novella which will surprise you and will make you deeply move with a twist that no one expected in the end!
Robin's Review: These were a quick reads about couples in love and the problems they face because of different religious backgrounds.

I received free copies of these books but that in no way influences my opinion.

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