Robin’s Review of Impound

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 by Gary Lee Vincent

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by Gary Lee Vincent

Shirley Wade had it all: a loving fiancé and a bright career as a paralegal at the prestigious Pittsburgh law firm of McNeil, Jamison, and Young.
When an energy company needed some title work done for a project they were doing in West Virginia, Shirley is sent to the backwoods county courthouse there to research the title.

While there, her car gets impounded, and little does she know that the people behind it operate a chop shop and target out-of-towners. Unknowingly, Shirley attempts to get her car back and what ensues next is an utter terror.

With danger lurking at every turn, no one can be trusted, and something far more sinister than an illegal chop shop lurks in the shadows of the impound yard and the evil intentions of the clan that runs it.

Burning Bulb Publishing
Robin's Review: This was a quick and easy read that totally creeped me out. I am forever going to remember this book every time I travel to West Virginia. It is horror at its best.
I purchased this book at The Living Dead Weekend in Monroeville this year.

#horror #suspense #thriller

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