Robin’s Review of Flower of Memory: An Amaranth Prequel

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Flower of Memory: An Amaranth Prequel Amaranth #0.5

 by David M. Snow

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Flower of Memory: An Amaranth Prequel

by David M. Snow

An underwater ark that shelters the last remaining survivors. A young doctor tormented by his past. A mysterious power that could drive them into madness.
A cataclysmic Flood has forced the survivors to retreat into an intergenerational ark, secluded from the world they have always known. But the wait is insufferable in the abyss of the Great Ocean. More than a century, heavy with silence, has passed.

The surface is but a timeworn dream. A forgotten memory.

But Skyler Goldberg is not ready to give up. Even if it means losing everything.

Can a single man show the Archeans the path to redemption in a world abandoned by its creator?
Flower of Memory is the prequel of the dystopian science-fiction series Amaranth. Fans of the TV series The 100 and the Snowpiercer will enjoy every page!
Robin's Review: This is such a freaking cool story. It's a refreshing change to the science fiction/post-apocalyptic genre. I loved every part of it, the plot, the world building, the characters, and the writing. It was a great read. I highly recommend this book.

It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

Amaranth: Amaranth #1
Book 1 of 1: Amaranth
This title will be released on October 19, 2022.

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