Robin’s Review of Life After: The Line of Duty

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Life After: The Line of Duty

The Sixth Book in The Arising Series

 by Bryan Way

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Robin's Review of
Life After: The Line of Duty
by Bryan Way

In times of crisis, few bear a burden more demanding than local law enforcement, but even as a zombie apocalypse wreaks untold havoc, the undead are the least of their troubles.
Spread thin in the wake of a calamity, the remaining officers at the Broomall Police Department are faced with dwindling resources and manpower in a losing effort to contain the scourge. As state and government agencies fight to enforce a quarantine boundary prior to an impending evacuation, the station is mistakenly identified as a rescue center, forcing Lt. Arthur Gilchrist and a handful of cops to determine whether their new arrivals are trying to escape the mayhem or take advantage of it.Set during the events of Life After: The Arising, Life After: The Line of Duty examines the fortitude required to protect and serve the public in an unthinkable circumstance as well as what it means to maintain order when chaos becomes the status quo.
Robin's Review: I really liked this story. Bryan Way has come a long way no pun intended since I reviewed his first book in this series. His writing is tighter and more descriptive with deeper characters. He really nailed it with this one. Overall, this is a quick and satisfying read.

More is coming from this creative author with maybe another short story and a third novel sometime in the future. I can’t wait.

Books in this series:
Life After: The Arising (Book 1).
Life After: The Cemetery Plot (Short 1)
Life After: The Basement (Short 2).
Life After: The Phoenix (Short 3)
Life After: The Void (Book 2).
Life After: The Maze (Short 4)
Life After: Zugzwang (Short 5)
Life After: The Line of Duty (Short 6)

It was my pleasure to receive an advance free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

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