Robin’s Review of Crimson: The Red Plague

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Crimson: The Red Plague

by R.W. Fisher

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Crimson: The Red Plague
by R.W. Fisher
Learning to survive this fallen world, avoiding the mutilated corpses inhabiting interstate 5 and its surrounding cities, is a lot like surfing. Some learn slowly, first mastering the shallow waves, while others are thrown into the depths and forced to tread water.
Content Warning: This book contains violence, language, sexual assault, and stalking.
Eighteen-year-old Bobby Stratton will never forget his first encounter. He was rubbing the thigh of his longtime girlfriend, scratching up and down her distressed denim. The final minutes of their 4th period biology class was drawing near when the piercing sirens ensued. The door hinges snapped, and without warning, they became submerged in the blood of their peers. They were…eating each other. Entrails splashed upon whiteboards and innards covered their wooden floors like fresh chum.
Bobby peered from beneath his desk, unaware of what led to such mutilation, and was met with the unforgettable sight of his former teacher. His once innocent, blue eyes, now blanketed with a crimson sheet.
Carnage hit their school in a wave. Only the quickest and most adept were able to escape the bloody riptide.
Robin's Review: This is a fast paced thrill ride. In California is 18 year old Bobby Stratton, who leads a group with the help of Sean Reynolds. The group consists of brother, Marcus, friend Dante, girlfriend Chloe Reynolds, and resident Paul Goldean, all trying to survive. The world building is rich and descriptive. The characters were real and relatable. The plot is action packed with lots of zombie gore. I look forward to more from this author.
Favorite Lines: “They had places to be, and the longer they waited to embark on whatever cross-country trip they hoped would get them to that last distant family member known to have a heartbeat, the harder it was to carry on.”
“Jeez, yes. I’m freaking starving. Seriously, it feels like my intestines are dirty dogging each other.”
Interesting Observation: “Their weapons became someone else’s, then someone else’s, then someone else’s, until the ammo went dry, and a hodgepodge of fresh blood stained the trigger.”
“In this world, survival is a never-ending combination of killing, grieving, traveling, and foraging.”
And the best line of someone turning:
“Lisa’s sight bleeds into darkened crimson and she’s gone, emancipated from her earthly shell.”
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