Robin’s Review of The Oath: Book Two of The Grey Tower Chronicles

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The Oath: Book Two of The Grey Tower Chronicles

 by Jillian Bondarchuk

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Oath: The Grey Tower Chronicles

Book Two
Jillian Bondarchuk
He’s the chieftain of Clan MacKinnon; she’s the daughter of a powerful druid. When they are forced through magic into an arranged marriage, will it end in war… 
or passionate surrender ?Bound by a blood oath that feels like a curse, Malcolm MacKinnon quickly regrets the promise he’d made to Vanora, the witch who would save his brother’s life: protect her daughter… or die trying. He needs to collect her before the marsh violets bloom, but as winter thaws, Malcolm hesitates to fulfill his vow… and time is running out. Living on the fringe of her people, shunned because of the scars that mar her body, Coira always knew she’d die a spinster. 
Author's note: The Oath is stand-alone but I could not write Malcolm and Coira's story without revealing the ending of The Shield and the Thistle. The Oath can be enjoyed if read out of order, although I strongly urge you to read Meggie and Colin's story before you read The Oath for the best reading experience. xoxo!
Robin's Review: This is the story of Malcolm MacKinnon who is the brother of Colin from the author’s first book titled The Shield and The Thistle. I love the rich distinctive writing style of this book. The world building is imaginative and so realistic that I felt like I was there, living in that time. The characters are fully fleshed out and totally relatable even though it’s in the past. I love how Malcolm has changed since the first book and proceeds to protect Coira from many dangers. I empathized with Coira so much that she is hands down my favorite character, so far that is. I highly recommend this author and her books to anyone looking for an adventure. Once again, I will be buying my mother a signed copy. We are total fans for life. More please!
It was my pleasure to receive an advance free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

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