Robin’s Review of It Is What It Is, Because It Never Was, And What Never Was, Can Never Be

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It Is What It Is, Because It Never Was, And What Never Was, Can Never Be

by Ronnell Beaty

Rating: 5 out of 5.
It Is What It Is, Because It Never Was And What Never Was Can Never Be
by Ronnell Beaty

This book is based on the first part of my life written in the form of poetry.
My poetry has feelings that are relatable, from the comfortable pleasures of a homemade meal, to the loneliness that arises when one feels like they don't fit in the world around them.

And the challenges that I have faced in my teenage years, the achievements I have made in early adulthood, and the unique situations I have faced on my walk to becoming an author.

I hope this new writing style of poetry excites, uplifts, and encourages you to do what you know is right.

Robin's Review: A compelling and unforgettable book that has a beautiful collection of poems. These short poems were filled with complex emotions, lessons learned and deep messages. This was an interesting read that provoked some inner thinking. Highly recommend.

Thanks so much for a free review copy of this book. I am voluntarily leaving a review of my personal opinion.
The Poems Include:Poems:
A First Page
A Positive Mind Changes One's Reality
All Alone
Beans And Rice
Child Labor
Childhood Things
Energy Part 2
For God
Got My Guard Up
Happy Birthday Serenity
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Thanksgiving
In Good Spirits
Just A Poem I Wrote
Just A Question
Just Let Me Be
Just Something I Made Up One Day
Life Food
Medication Part 2
My Own Prayer To The Father
My Purpose
My Voice
My Words - Part 2
My Words
Retain This Permanently
Smile All Day
Thanks For That Email
That's Good
The Real Enemy
The sun, The Moon. Those Lights. Those Vibes.
This Is The Time
Wayne, Ms. Francis, And Those Cats
We Are Spirit
What am I
What's Life
What's Peace
When The Wind Blows
Who Is Better
Word..Truth..Speak. Part 2
Working Out Working In
Yes Ma'am Yes Sir

Walk With Me Into the Dark

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