Robin’s Review of Poetry That Moves You

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Poetry That Moves You

by Randall Daniels

Poetry That Moves You
by Randall Daniels

A Must-Read collection of Rhythmic Poetry designed to Inspire, Provoke, Enlighten and Encourage. Stories about love, triumph, tragedy, and some sexy spice with love aromas arranged to entice. Galvanizing quotes alongside motivational poetry for self-improvement. I Introduce a new Trademarked category called Hip-Hop Memoirs. Real stories of real people I interviewed listening for sensational stories of pain or glory. Then after I digest it for a while, I share their story with the world in a Swingy Poetic Style. 

With Poetic Categories Titles:
Love & Romance
Ice Breaker
Motivational Poems
Inspiring Poetry
Just Poetry
Sex & Romance
Hip Hop Memories (Trademarked Category)

This was a collection of well written poems that grab your attention and fill you with thought provoking emotions that inspire you with every turn of the page. I really loved these poems and I found myself amazed at how I connected with all of them. I highly recommend this book with its amazing collection of poetry.

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