Robin’s Review of  The Grinkle Nonk: A Morality Tale

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The Grinkle Nonk: A Morality Tale

 by D E McCluskey

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Grinkle Nonk: A Morality Tale
by D E McCluskey

The Grinkle Nonk is a myth, an urban legend, folklore made up to get children in on time, to get them to go to sleep at night, or to eat up all their greens. The legend tells of a ferocious beast that lives in the forest. It eats naughty children, and picks off unsuspecting, or lost hikers. It is a wild, dangerous animal… but it is JUST a legend, isn’t it? Harper is new in town. She hasn’t made any friends yet, and fears that she will always be an outside in this strange new world. Until she meets a surprising new friend, one who is a loner, and an outcast, just like her. However, there are eyes watching this new friendship, envious eyes… 
Robin's Review: What a quirky little tale this story is but wait for the last pages. Omg! D E McCluskey you got me!

In this tale of urban legend McCluskey’s writing style is fantastic, in the sense that you can “feel” the story like you are there. The plot travels well, the characters are bright and imaginative. There are mind bending descriptive passages, sweet and fanciful, yet horrific sad twisty turns abound.

The Grinkle Nonk is a morality tale from the dark mind of   D E McCluskey, author of Z: A Love Story, and Mutant Superhero Zombie Killing Disco Cheerleaders from Outer Space (with Uzis)
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