Robin’s Review of Tyrant’s Rise: The Wailing Echoes Series Book 1 of 2

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Tyrant’s Rise Book 1 of 2: The Wailing Echoes Series

by Bella Dean Joyner

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Tyrant's Rise
The Wailing Echoes Series
by Bella Dean Joyner

The tyrant has risen, and it needs another soul. 
Following the death of their estranged father, Joseph Young and his sister, Hope, inherit a dilapidated yet spacious cabin in the woods, complete with sprawling greenhouse and deep, unexplained gouges in the timber. As a strange plant takes root within the walls, Joseph feels something calling from the forest...Something ancient and magical...Something powerful...Something evil...And it's been waiting for Hope. Can Joseph save his sister from eternal damnation, or will the tyrant claim him instead?
Robin's Review: A tale of siblings Joseph and Hope who inherit their estranged and possibly insane father’s cabin. A not so small cabin with an attached greenhouse. It is isolated in a remote area in the woods and in which the closest town is a small town called Strega Falls of Kentucky. In this town everyone and everything is buttoned down tight at dusk. Which should have been the first clue. Am I Right?

They came to “wrap up” their father’s life and hopefully figure out what to do with his things, and then decide what to do with the cabin. Their Uncle Allen believes that they can and should sell it and go back to living their lives. But upon seeing the cabin and its mysterious claw marks and blood they are not sure what to do with it. So, they wonder; What was their father doing out here so isolated from everyone? Was he just eccentric or was he truly unstable? And what and why was he researching the occult and how could that possibly be connected to their mothers death years ago? So many unanswered questions but are they ready to find out the answers? And at what cost?

This story creeped me out with its suspenseful horror. The telling of it was so descriptive I really felt like I was there, and I got scared. Duh? The plot was well written, thought out and entertaining. The characters were likable and realistic. The world building was rich and interesting. I really enjoy anything written by Bella Dean Joyner. I highly recommend all of her books especially this one.
Witch's Bargain (The Wailing Echoes Series)
Part of: The Wailing Echoes Series

Invocation's Torment
The Wailing Echoes Series Book 2 of 2: 
This title will be released on February 25, 2022.

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