Robin’s Review of Wait for Me

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Wait for Me

by J.M. McKenzie

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Wait for Me
by J.M. McKenzie

Lisa is on a train, 20 miles from home, when the United Kingdom is hit by a terrifying bioterrorist attack, and a national emergency is declared. After she was separated from her husband, Neil, in the hours following the September 11th attack, she made him promise that, in the event of a similar crisis, their priority should be to go home and wait for each other there. Keeping her promise, and trusting Neil to keep his, she sets out on what she believes will be a quick and easy journey. But the world she once knew has changed forever and has become deadly and unpredictable. Will she make it back home to Neil? Will he be there? Will he wait for her?
Robin's Review: This is a story of one woman’s courage to get back home to her husband after an apocalyptic event in the UK. The plot was interesting and entertaining. The setting was descriptive and understandable. The main characters were your average everyday people put in the horrifying position and then made to make hard decisions. Mistakes were made by the characters but that made it all the more relatable.


Walk With Me Into the Dark

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