Robin’s Review of No Child of Mine

No Child of Mine: A dystopian political conspiracy thriller

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No Child of Mine: A dystopian political conspiracy thriller.

 by Olga Gibbs

Rating: 5 out of 5.
No Child of Mine:
by Olga Gibbs

There's nothing a government won't do to remain in power.

57th Year of the true leadership of The Ordained Liberating Party; or Year 2273 by the old calendar.

"The Collapse" took millions of lives and most of the country's farming lands, bringing the surviving population of the island to the brink of starvation.

Out of the aftermath of the chaos and anarchy, a new state had emerged, known as The Federation Britannia, run by the single and unopposed Ordained Liberating Party.

The division of the country's orphanages for children of "the true citizens" and children of "the enemies of the state" began the clearance of the questionable element, and bloody years of the Age of Cleansing had finished the purge, leaving behind a perfectly obedient electorate that marched every year in the Liberation Day parades, praising the Party's leadership and following the Party's every directive.

The rule of the Party is absolute. Its tool of compliance, the State Security Unit, is feared.
Tom isn't a frightened follower, he is a true believer. He loves the Party with all his heart. He trusts in the Party's wisdom. The Party had raised him, rewarding his devotion and love with a lucrative engineering job, and after the approval for the Procreation license, it also granted him a family.

But the unexpected midnight visit by the State Security to his flat, questions asked and blood samples collected, unsettles Tom more than he likes to admit, and the following day, whilst investigating the "black uniforms" interest, Tom witnesses the State Security troops, led by the familiar officer, marshalling the children from his daughter's nursery, packing them into trucks and taking them into the unknown.

At that moment Tom is forced to make a decision: either to follow the Party directive and to surrender his child into its plenary care or to protect what he loves and run.

But there's nowhere to run. There's no escape from the island or from the complete control of the Ordained Liberating Party.

"No Child of Mine" is a story of a father's journey to save his child from a totalitarian regime, who is in order to bury the truth prepared to exterminate an entire generation.

Robin's Review: After an apocalyptic event called the “collapse” this dystopian world emerges. It is set in the year 2273 in what used to be England. It is now called The Federation Brittania. “The Ordained Liberating Party” is in charge, rules heavily and demands loyalty.

Tom is a true believer where his wife Judy is more skeptical. They are parents to their child Tilly. In this different society the children are raised by others with visitation given to the parents once a month.

But something happens at the “Liberation Day” parade that makes them question their government, their freedom and independence.

This story had spectacular world building that made me fall right into it.
The characters were your average everyday people but so relatable and flawed.
The plot was original, interesting, and full of suspense and mystery.
I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it to lovers of this genre.

Thanks so much for a review copy of this book. I am voluntarily leaving a review of my personal opinion.

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