Robin’s Review of Atlanta Ares Weapons Project – Book 1

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Atlanta (Ares Weapons Project Book 1)

by Matthew Sleadd

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Ares Weapons Project Book 1
by Matthew Sleadd

Terrorists have unleashed a biological weapon that devolves the infected into a horde of murderous zombies. They scour Atlanta, kidnapping survivors and dragging them into their hive where a mysterious force puppeteers mobs across the city. The military calls troops to establish quarantine and prevent anyone from leaving, but the CDC has only one doctor researching an end to this plague. This doctor is trapped inside Atlanta, so they form a desperate plan to save all of humanity.

Jason Hartman retired as a sniper from the SAG’s high-value target rescue team. He was not expecting to join his brother and a Special Operations team leader to launch a mission to infiltrate the city and extract the government’s lead infections disease expert. But can they act quickly enough to avoid the city’s destruction, and will they avoid becoming infected by the zombie plague themselves? All the while, shadowy governmental forces operate behind the scenes. How far will the military go to cover their tracks and prevent the truth from being known? Who will ultimately be responsible for the destruction of the city?

Robin's Review: If you like your characters with military training and different types of zombies then this is your book. This book has action, zombies, snarky one liners and some interesting survival tips. I enjoyed this book immensely. It was a quick paced pager turner with nonstop action. Matthew Sleadd is now one of my go to authors for the Post-Apocalyptic genre. I can’t wait for the next installment in this series.

An unknown terrorist organization released a biological toxin in five major cities that include New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix and Atlanta that turns these cities into a zombie infested war zone.

Command consisting of Captain Miller, Ensign Richardson, Colonel Maes, General Bullen and Chief Spencer have green lighted a mission that is off the books and consists of a non-active duty person.

That person is Chief Warrant Officer, Marcus Spencer that is now put on leave. He asks Former Sergeant, Jason Hartman to accompany him into Atlanta. Jason agrees on one condition which is to stop and pickup his brother David Hartman and his wife Maggie.

Their mission is to extract Dr. Richard McComber, head of infectious disease research at the CDC in Atlanta who has pertinent research on this fungal “Horde Virus”.
Zombie Tips:
Don’t break into homes of people with guns. It won’t go in your favor.

Don’t leave them (zombies) unless you know they’re dead. (Remember horror films)

You are only as silent as your loudest person.

Cinch down any gear that might give off any untoward sounds.

Find a place to rest that has nothing inside that anyone would want

Barricade using parked cars so that it blocks anyone from entering.

When searching someone the goal was to remove anything that someone could use later to hurt you and also check for information.

Shooting at night is difficult and requires a combination of layered shadows. Rather than looking for a well-defined target, you searched for distortion to the background.

Zombie Names:
ravenous monster creatures, quarterback, super motivator, fighter, slow movers, shambles, cadaver, terrestrial threat, wretches, friends, knuckle-draggers, super zombie, queen,

Favorite Lines:
“Fine, but tell me he wasn’t chairborne.”

“This is Atlanta. I’m concerned about being shot under normal circumstances.”

What part of retired did you not understand when deciding who to pack in your clown car?”

“We may need to focus our attention on shot placement. If you can manage, aim for the head.”

“So Chief. At what point can I use the z-word?”

“Sir, we have four of those people you won’t let me call zombies.”

“Our friends from earlier are making house calls now. Only going to be a matter of time before one of them knocks on our door asking if we found God.”

“Textbook terrible”

“For a plus, I see nothing smarter than, ‘Grog eat.’”

“They did the roach thing and scattered with the first bullet.”

David, how goes the truck? You got it fixed yet?” My brother’s hand came, middle finger extended, from around the hood; then he pulled his hand back to keep working. “Looks like he’s almost done,” I said and turned back to Spencer.

“He looks like a fatty-cake kind of kid.”

“Have to make fun of someone, and unless you have anyone from the Air Force, or please tell me, Space Force, I’ll make do with the kid.”

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