Robin’s Review of Shadow and Lightning (The Lightning Rod Saga Book 1)

On a routine hunting trip with his friends, 16-year-old Ranir Trysfal stumbled upon something believed to be a myth: magic.

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Shadow and Lightning: The Lightning Rod Saga Book 1

 by C.S. Ratliff

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Robin's Review of Shadow and Lightning (The Lightning Rod Saga Book 1)

On a routine hunting trip with his friends, 16-year-old Ranir Trysfal stumbled upon something believed to be a myth: magic. Nearly killed, he is saved by a stranger who can control fire. Teleported back to his farm, he is forced to reconcile with this new secret as the mage is killed, and another turns up in the village looking for answers. With newfound curiosity, he and his friends set out to hunt down the murderer. They quickly discover the world of magic is very real, and far more dangerous than the old tales had told.

During a storm, he is struck by lightning, and becomes mysteriously endowed with ancient elemental power. He soon learns that he has become The Lightning Rod, an ancient title bestowed upon the strongest mages. Under the tutelage of a fire mage, he will learn the world isn't as mundane as he once thought. Shadow magic is spreading beyond the walls of secrecy. He must learn to harness the power of the storms, for he is not the only one who has risen to power. The Necromancer has reawakened, threatening all of Gnariam. Full of treacherous paths and dangers at every turn, Ranir will begin his chaotic journey as the responsibility is placed on his shoulder to stop the spread of wicked shadow magic before Hel is unleashed.

Will he become the hero the world needs, or succumb to the darkness?
Robin's Review: Ranir Trysfal is out hunting vräel by the Veörn Mountains when he comes upon Detmés Ontaga, pyro mage and bounty hunter capturing Felgrin Eldìr, shape-shifting murdering druid. A battle of magic ensues. Ranir is surprised with the knowledge that magic is real and is unprepared for the ambush that happens.
The mage uses a teleportation spell to save him and send him to safety. Upon awakening and starting for home he is found by his best friends Marnos and Selendt.

They all return to his home but are then confronted by Taryn Ontaga, brother to the mage that saved his life, where he is told he is dead and that he believes Ranir killed him. After much discussion Taryn is relieved to know Ranir is not responsible for his brother’s death. Not knowing what to do Ranir offers to go with the brother to hunt down the killer on a “magical quest for revenge.”

This was but a quick summarization of how the story begins but I didn’t want to spoil anyones first time reading of it.

I found the story to be fast paced and full of rich descriptions of the fantasy world. It had characters that grew throughout the telling of the story.

It had everything action, adventure, mystery suspense, vengeance, bravery, friendship, magic, and twisty turns. Oh, my it was a blast to read. I enjoyed it very much. I can see it turning into a classic. Wonderful just wonderful.
These are such epic lines:

“That man's brother saved my life. I want to do this to help avenge him, show him I'm grateful. I want to do this to find out why he saved me––if there was a reason. And…I want you and Selendt to come with me.”

“Once we begin, there will be no going back to the simplicity you once knew.”

I was given a digital copy by the author, but I pre-ordered it anyway. I think I would like to get a “real” copy for my bookshelf. Any who, this review is my own personal opinion.

Coming of Age
Young Adult

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