Run From the Dead 2

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A Zombie Apocalypse Series (Book 2)

 by Joanne Nundy

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Run from the Dead: Book 2: 
A Zombie Apocalypse
by Joanne Nundy

When the dead come running, which way do you turn?

Blood flows in the streets as the undead tear limbs and flesh from the living in the city of Hull. A viral rage is unleashed, hitting the UK faster than it can be contained.

On the brink of losing everything, Marcus runs through the housing estates now occupied by the rising dead. He searches for his family whilst learning how to fight the flesh hungry beasts, collecting lost souls along the way.

Christina, a single nurse, hopes her unborn child stays inside her until this madness can be dealt with. Forming new alliances can bring surprises in many forms, proving the world can be shocking for even the most hardened of people. A zombie apocalypse isn’t the only thing that can take you by surprise.

The cruel times now thrust upon those still living separate the good from the bad. Some can be trusted with your life and others cannot.

But in a world where the dead have risen, can anyone survive this unchanged?

Robin's Review: Once again Joanne Nundy knocked it out of the ballpark. Grand Slam Baby! I really loved this cozy zombie apocalypse story. The plot was well written, exciting, and full of action. It was easy to read and fast paced. I finished it in one late night. The characters were so much more complex but fun and relatable. Add in a snarky teenager with an attitude and you got real life.
It broke my heart when some of them died. I must admit I cried over them. Joanne Nundy is so talented, intertwining the two books and doing it flawlessly. It did end with a to be continued but the next book is coming soon. Not soon enough if you ask me. Just kidding. I will wait patiently for the next book. I do hope these books turn into a long series. Wink wink.
Zombie Terms:

nasties, deranged, rising dead, mental things, dead things, walking dead, monsters, used-to-be-human thing, beast, undead still, dead undead, double dead guy, non-soul.

Zombie Tips:

-If you get bit or scratched, you will turn so don’t hide it from    anyone.

-Screams mean it’s already too late.
-Staying informed is always the best way.
-Try not hitting the zombies but if you have to go fast and realize that they might damage your vehicle or get stunk underneath.


-Marcus “brother” and his mother, Judy

-Mel and her dog, Elsa

-Suzie nurse and her patient, Jessica

-Sandra and Ted owners of home that took in
-Christina, Roger, Frank, Lisa

-Cheryl and Jerry owners of the pub

-Anna “sister”
-Alex and Jasper
-Steve ex husband
-Jill and Ben ex in laws and owner of a home
-Rob and Jack

Favorite Lines:

“He’s not charging at the window to get us, so I think he’s a live one.”

“So, let me get this straight… you seem to be running around during a zombie apocalypse, rescuing, and collecting people along the way. Mostly women, from what I can tell.” She narrowed her eyes at him Shit, that sounds kind of bad. Marcus rubbed at the back of his neck and said, “Er, kind of…”

“Huh. Ok, then.” Marcus stared back at Mel. “There’s no way you’re fourteen. It just can’t be so.” “Why? Because I’m smarter than you already?”

Christina’s head whipped around so fast Marcus nearly stumbled backwards from his haunches to his backside. “J.C., that was poltergeist speed.”

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This title will be released on March 31, 2022

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