Robin’s Review of Enemy within the Gates: The Sweats Book 1

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Enemy within the Gates: The Sweats Book 1

by Marietta Standlee

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Enemy within the Gates: 
The Sweats Book 1
by Marietta Standlee

A pandemic holds the world hostage. A US military base is bombed. A new power is ready to take over 

While a pandemic terrorizes the world, a ruthless international group that has operated in the shadows for decades sees their chance to finally seize world power. These men and women will stop at nothing to exploit the public's fear in order to gain people’s trust and take control over the government.

Trapped inside a bathroom at Charlotte Douglas International airport, Dani, a young reporter, tries to come to terms with the sudden outburst of violence she witnessed there. The events that follow in the next few days will change everything she has ever believed in.

Stranded at a Marine base, Olivia surmises that there are worse places to be stuck during an apocalypse. But when the base turns out to be the last outpost standing in the way of an ambitious political group attempting to gain world power, Olivia is in more danger than she thought possible.

Jack, a staff sergeant with the Marine Corps., tries to come to grips with the new reality, where the men and women in charge of the country he fought and bled for turn against him and his soldiers.

Alan, an ambitious and corrupt politician, learns that the group he thought of as his ally has turned against him. Desperate to survive, he seeks the most unlikely allies to survive the brewing apocalypse.

How can these people, who are strangers to each other, band together to save not only the US from an enemy within, but also save the world from falling victim to a globalized dictatorship?
Robin's Review: What if 2020 was a zombie apocalypse? What would it look like? Maybe like this book.

A deadly virus named “The Sweats” surfaced in La Vieillesse, France and then spread worldwide. With the New World Order, a rogue shadow government, behind the scenes running the government. They have a playbook list that they are checking off items at an alarming rate until they take over control of the country.

They purposely divided the American citizens and caused protests and civil unrest. Add in a force-fed one sided media blitz and you have a divided nation and citizens in need of help. So NWO sends in the NSF—New Security Forces. What comes next is truly horrifying.

Settings and some of the players:

Zombies aka Crazies, deranged, infected, crackheads and killers

Charlotte Douglas International Airport, NC
Dani Montague, reporter for World News Today
Matt Sterling, works for Stephen Perdue Show

Fort Harris, NC
Olivia Prendergast
Lt. General Harald “Hammerhead” Beauvier
Jack Pellman, Staff Sergeant
Esmeralda “Rudy” Rodriguez, Staff Sergeant
Captain Pedro Menendez

Fort Saunters, NC
Washington D.C.
Senator Alan Montgomery
Stephen Perdue
Porter Rossman

Favorite lines:

"GPAI?" “General pain in the ass,"

“vomiting out large lead rounds at the racing Humvee.  "Faster!"
“You only need to be faster than the slowest member of your group when chased by a wild animal.”

“If you buy a hundred green beans for dinner and you throw away twenty because they're spoiled, you still end up having green beans for dinner."

“but in desperate situations, the devil eats flies”

Enemy within the Gates: Book 2 The President coming soon

Science Fiction
Infectious Disease

Walk With Me Into the Dark

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