Every Waking Dream

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Every Waking Dream

by Laura Eason

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Every Waking Dream 
by Laura Eason

Having to adjust to a new town, school, and friends were not what Aislin Smith had expected after spending the summer locked inside a rehabilitation center. After getting busted for taking drugs to stay awake, her psychiatrist learns the real reason behind Aislin's fear of sleeping—she experiences a phenomenon known as dream telepathy.

Afraid to expose her secret to anyone else, she tries to live an everyday life after being prescribed a sleeping aid with the convenient side effect of having dreamless nights of sleep. But once her chance at peace is taken away, Aislin finds herself in the odd dream of a mysterious girl. She thinks nothing of it until she sees the girl's face again plastered on the front-page news as a missing person in a string of unsolved cases. Struggling to keep her reality together, Aislin decides to take matters into her own hands and find the missing children. If there's one thing she's sure of, it's that the dead don't dream.

Aislin and Raven are in rehab together where they form a friendship. Aislin is there for drug addiction from a sleep disorder. Raven is there for an eating disorder. Upon completion of the program Aislin finds out that they have moved to the same town as Raven lives in. Aislin and her sister, Jess even go to the same school as Raven. Adjusting to life outside of rehab is hard and complicated for both of them. But when kids start disappearing from the area including Jesse’s friend they are then pulled into the mystery.

Robin's Review:

This was an easy read that was a real page turner. The plot was quite intriguing with a mystery “who done it” and an exceptional paranormal power. The characters were young and flawed which made them more honest and relatable. I liked this book and found it fascinating and a must read.

Psychological Fiction
Young Adult

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