Vancouver Vengeance

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Vancouver Vengeance The McKinley Chronicles 2

 by John Keillor

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Vancouver Vengeance: 
The McKinley Chronicles 2
by John Keillor

After a vicious series of battles, Alberta defeats an overseas aggressor. Abandoned combatants are to be repatriated, but who made their invasion possible?

Calgary's best young warrior's in charge of seeing them away. In seaside Vancouver, a Toronto agent assists him in searching for traitors. the two patriots discover a post-apocalyptic city, divided, where nothing is as it seems.

Zach McKinley, senior security operator and son to soon to be Mayor of Winnipeg, Abraham McKinley, is tasked with moving fifteen hundred unarmed Chinese soldier detainees, progressive nationalist, to Vancouver 12 hours away. Once there, the Vancouver City Council contracted “fishing magnate” Andre Keats to ferry the “progs” back to Vladivostok.

Seems like an easy mission but Zach walks into a political hot mess in Vancouver where there is a union war with businesses that are in support of the city council and want exclusivity on their trades. Progressive nationalists want to replace the current mayors of the four cities and create New Canada, with them in charge. So, there is little “friction fires” everywhere. Add in Rosemary Phillips, the mayor’s girl, is kidnapped by someone with Vancouver connections and Zach has his hands full.
Robin's Review:

Sometimes the dialogue was confusing to figure out who was speaking but it had a good plot. The main characters were thoroughly explained, and I enjoyed their storylines. I believe this is being called a western apocalyptic story and I would have to agree with its action, adventure, and gunslingers its sure to please.


"Hold My Beer" line

A young lady was walking a half dozen ferrets on leashes.

“Did you see him fight firsthand?” The agent nodded. “Characterize his performance.”
“Superhuman. He moved like John Wick.”
“He’s one of those guys the flash strengthened, isn’t he?”
“I’m right here,” said the cowboy. 
“He is, Mr. Star.”

“Council assistants waited at intersections in pairs, offering free advice or cannabis, telling smokers the VCC loved them. 

“The one beside the site had a working bubble machine, launching soap bubbles from its second-story window”

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