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Ancient Deceptions (Ancient Secrets Book 4) Book 4 of 4: Ancient Secrets by Joanne Pence

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Ancient Deceptions Book 4 of 4: Ancient Secrets

by Joanne Pence

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Ancient Deceptions 
Ancient Secrets Book 4 of 4
by Joanne Pence

A dig in a remote site uncovers demonic killings & buried secrets that shatter archeologist Michael Rempart’s world in this sweeping supernatural thriller that crosses time and space from the present to the last days of the Russian Tsars.

When Michael unexpectedly receives a recent picture of a long-lost love, a woman he thought was dead, he gives up everything to search for her and to find answers to questions that have plagued him through the years. Instead, he uncovers more mysteries as he’s drawn deeper into the occult and the ancient power of alchemy.

Michael’s search takes him from St. Petersburg, Russia to an archeological dig site in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains—a desolate area where medieval knights once roamed, and where horrifying secrets are buried—and at the same time it creates a mystical connection to the riches and debauchery of the court of Nicholas and Alexandra and the “mad monk” Rasputin.

As Michael’s quest continues, he soon finds that while he hunts, he is also being hunted. Will he find all that he’s looking for before it’s too late?
Robin's Review:

I can’t do the summarization of this book justice, so I won’t. I will leave it up to the author, Joanne Pence to do that for you. But I will say this story has many different beautiful historical places and earlier historical telling of times interwoven through the writing of this plot. The characters were creative and mature with interesting back stories. The detail and description of the scenery was so realistic that I thought I was there. It was a marvelous read with how it all falls together. It was full of mystery, suspense, adventure and chilling horror. A must read for anyone interested in a thrilling adventure.

Thanks so much for an advance review copy of this book. I am voluntarily leaving a review of my own personal opinion.


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