No Bones About It

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He’s a skeleton who used to be a cop.

 by Rachel Ford

Rating: 5 out of 5.
No Bones About It (Flint & Co Paranormal Investigations Book 1)
by Rachel Ford

He’s a skeleton who used to be a cop. I’m a Freak who used to be a detective. Together, we’re going to find the woman I love.

Technically, the PD hasn’t fired me yet. But when my girlfriend, the star witness in the biggest embezzlement case in a century, went missing, I stepped on some toes. And maybe busted a senior detective’s nose.

He had it coming. He’s hiding something. I’m going to find out what, and I’m going to find my fiancée. But I can’t do it alone.

In a world of magic and undead beings, Normies avoid Freaks like me like the plague. Our magic terrifies them.

But there’s one place I know I can turn to find the help I need: the undead. So here I am, trusting the fate of my career and the love of my life to the bony hands of a 150-year-old undead investigator.

And that's a recipe for disaster. No bones about it.

My Review:

August 13th, 2030, twelve minutes after nine a meteor hit New Boston. It wasn’t the end of the world. It was just the end of life as we knew it. All over the planet, the dead returned to life, or undeath, or whatever they call it. For the most part, and for most people effected, the impact had been positive: gained abilities, a second life, and so on.

That being said Detective Jill Wallace gifted with clairvoyance and fire magic was investigating her missing fiancée, Natalie Lyons with the help of former cop, private investigator and skeleton “Flinty” Jack. But Chief Anders and Detective Sean O’Donnell believe no crime was committed and Detective Wallace is losing her stuff even though Natalie was set to testify in the Senator Vandermeer son’s embezzlement case.

What a delightfully amusing story full of unusual and fun characters. The world building was fantastic going above and beyond the apocalyptic event. In this dystopian world, we find out how things have changed, meet the brilliantly smart, strong characters, and become immersed in their lives. Fabulous throughout, the story had me wanting more by the end.

This is the first book in the series, and I have to say I can’t wait for next book to see where Rachel Ford goes with the story. 

Favorite lines:

“I’m a rationalist. A man of science. As I exist in the natural world, my state is not an unnatural or supernatural one.”

“As I exist in the natural world, my state is not an unnatural or supernatural one.”

“I mean, uh…well, I can shoot fireballs from my fingertips. I’m not sure what you would call that, except magic?” “A weaponized exothermal chemical process,” he said, with a shrug of his shoulder blades. “Yeah, that really rolls off the tongue.” “An‘ability,’ if you prefer brevity. That seems to be all the rage these days. But I take your meaning: you’re a Freak.”

“I’d learned long ago to sort problems into two very useful categories, and act accordingly: my problems, and someone else’s problems.” “This was a him problem, not a me problem. So, I could feel free to ignore it.”

“Flinty Jack, you sentient Halloween ornament, what the hell are you doing calling me at this ungodly hour?”

“Keep an eye on that bone bag, will you? He’s a real pain in the ass, but I’d be sorry if he got his irritating self-killed.”

“Flesh Sack, Breather, Skin Bag, Freak, Bone Bag, Normies, Undead and Ferals.”

Throw Me a Bone (Flint & Co Paranormal Investigations Book 2)
This title will be released on May 25, 2022.

Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction

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