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A Collection Of Short Stories From Various Horror Anthologies

 by Sylvester Barzey

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Stitches: A Collection of Short Stories from Various Horror Anthologies
by Sylvester Barzey

Sylvester Barzey has scoured the darkest reaches of his mind and ripped his favorite twisted tales from five anthologies to create this one collection of genre blended horror. Stitches is one collection that won't only get under your skin it will bury itself in your flesh!

The five tales that make up this collection are:

•Blood Note (First Published in Descent into Darkness)
•Lisa (First Published In 7 Sins of The Apocalypse)
•Unfit (First Published in Mad Like Me)
•Adam (First Published in Undead Worlds)
•Shades of Blue (First Published in Voices of Romance)

Go beyond your comfort zone and find out what's really under your skin.

Read "Stitches" today!

My Review

This Collection Contains Subject Matter Such As:
Suicide, Harm to Children, Mental illness, Domestic Violence, Elderly Abuse, Kidnapping, Drugging, Bullying, Cheating, Rape

I received this E-book by winning a contest during a giveaway on July 31st from my favorite Facebook group Horror Writers Ink.

I was saving this read for October but now that I have read it, I’m sorry I waited so long to get to it. These are short stories so I will not give anything away. I loved this book and the stories in it. They were creepy, chilling, and full of terror. I greatly appreciated Sylvester Barzey writing and will read any of his books from now on.

Short Stories

Walk With Me Into the Dark

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