Run From the Dead

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A Zombie Apocalypse Series (Book 1)

 by Joanne Nundy

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Run from the Dead A Zombie Apocalypse 
A Zombie Apocalypse (Book 1)
by Joanne Nundy

Can’t fight the dead? Then RUN…
Run from the Dead
A Zombie Apocalypse 

(Book 1)
by Joanne Nundy

Can’t fight the dead? Then RUN…

The dead are rising and violently attacking people on the streets of the UK. Driven by an insatiable hunger for flesh, they attack anyone who dares to go out.
Anna is trapped as the zombie apocalypse rages outside her front door. Desperate and alone, she must find a way to get to her children who are with her Ex-partner. As Anna runs from the dead, she finds help from Rob and his fifteen-year-old brother, Jack, despite Rob’s better instincts. Together, they run the nightmare gauntlet that used to be their neighborhood.

Run from the Dead is the first book in a zombie apocalypse series, following ordinary people trying to stay alive no matter what the cost. Battling the dead and humans alike, the people left must become somebody new. Someone prepared to do whatever it takes to live.
Anna must learn to survive this cruel new world, where the living can be just as terrifying as the dead.
My Review:
Anna, mother to two children, Alex and Jasper, with ex-husband Steve.
After dropping off the kids for a week visitation with their dad, she wakes up to a zombie apocalypse. As she tries to get across town to be with her kids she runs into brothers Rob and Jack who help her.

This would be my experience fall asleep with a migraine and wake up to a zombie apocalypse. The plot was strong and entertaining. The characters were interesting and relatable. I empathized with Anna and how she would do anything for her kids. I loved the camaraderie relationship between brothers Rob and Jack.

What an enticing blend of zombies, action and adventure, thrills and relationships. I would definitely recommend this series. And I would go as far as calling it a cozy zombie apocalypse story because it was so cool. Author Joanne Nundy is now my go to zombie fix author.

My favorite lines:
"Twice dead Zombie"
“You getting your knickers in a twist isn’t going to change what’s              already happened or not happened.”
“You absolute fucking legend, Anna… Batshit crazy, but unbelievable too,”

Smart things to remember during a Zombie Apocalypse:
Always sleep with your boots on
Always sleep with your packs right beside you
Super Glue can be used to glue cuts closed
Always carry a boot knife in your boot
R.I.C.E treatment method acronym
(Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
And finally, do not set a zombie on fire because it just becomes a flaming projectile zombie coming after you.

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