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 by Theophilus Monroe

Algorithm is launching in two days! This is a slight departure from my other books. These are short, action-packed, dystopian technothrillers. It uses what I call "technomagic." If you're accustomed to reading other genres of fantasy, magic is almost always a part of the world. In this case, our hero develops what I call "technomagic." As a former war hero, suffering from PTSD, after the government mandates a universal injection of nanobots into the population (called Nanovax), which is supposed to eliminate all death and disease once and for all, Lieutenant Goff becomes the "face" of the innovation. He received the injection after suffering a traumatic brain injury in the war. It saved him.

But Nanovax has its limits. It can heal most injuries--but some devastating accidents are too much to overcome. The Day of the Fifteen--fifteen terrorist attacks in fifteen cities--require drastic measures. An algorithm is implemented to examine everyone's thoughts, their attitudes, combined with other biostatistics like heart rate, blood pressure, and sweat output to predict when someone is a threat.

Suffering from PTSD, however, the nanobots aren't interfacing with Brian's mind like it does for others. The algorithm targets Brian, seizing his nervous system, and prepares to deliver him to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. But the resistance intervenes, taking Brian before he arrives in custody.

Then, they discover that on account of his injury he can do more than "foil" the function of the nanobots. He can control them. He can engage the entire nanoverse. This gives Brian new abilities--technomagic! He can wield the power of the nanobots that dwell in everyone. And when the government takes his daughter, in an attempt to lure him back into custody, he has only one option. He has to use these mysterious technomagical abilities to rescue her.

But there's a member of the President's cabinet--Dr. Archimedes Flat--who has other designs. He has a vision to expand the nanonetwork, to upload all human consciousness into a digital world, a new sphere of existence. Can Brian save his daughter? Can he stop Dr. Flat before he changes humanity forever?

So, what is technomagic? Consider it a kind of magic rooted in human technology, a magic "invented," but utilized by our hero on account of a flaw in the system.

Walk With Me Into the Dark

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