Born to be Wicked: A Snarky Urban Fantasy

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(Demon Employment Book 1)

by Shade Owens

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Born to be Wicked: A Snarky Urban Fantasy Series 
(Demon Employment Book 1)
by Shade Owens

She's good, she's bad... she's a little bit wicked.

Thousand-year-old succubus Alexis Rayne is a hired killer with a long history of legal name changes, a severe drinking problem, and the ability to bring any man or woman to their knees.

During a recent job, however, she screws up big time; someone sees her, and now she’s forced to track the bastard down to tie up loose ends. During all of this, her boss calls her up to offer her the job of a lifetime. The only problem is this job implicates the vampire mafia. Will Alexis take this suicide mission? If so, it could change everything... Or it could get her killed.

Born to be Wicked, the first book in the Demon Employment series, combines cool magic, unapologetic ass-kicking, and a whole lot of attitude.

My Review:

You had me at “snarky” and boy is it ever!

Alexis Rayne is a Succubus and hired Assassin. Hot right? Cool right? It is until it isn’t. While on a contract she is accidentally spotted during the hit. Knowing this could be a catastrophe Alexis tries to cover her tracks and all evidence.
Meanwhile her boss, Jamieson has another job for her. Its highly classified and maybe even a suicide mission. What can go wrong. Everything.

Born to be Wicked was a ton of fun with a lot of wit and dry humor combined with kick ass action and a little steam thrown in for fun and excitement. The world building was spectacular. The characters are realistic and fantastical at the same time. The plot was strong and fast. paced. I really loved that the main character was a flawed take no shit female. I also enjoyed her diverse friends and even her pets.
I recommend this book and series with 5 stars.

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