HELLROSE-A Book Review

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 by Emma King

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by Emma M. King

Over the past 150 years, HELLROSE psychiatric hospital has become one of America's most feared establishments.
After being plagued by flashbacks to a terrifying past, a psychiatrist, Dr. Lisa Williams, tries to repair her life by helping a new outlandish patient who has his own horrifying history.

Hellrose is a psychiatric hospital in Nevada where criminally insane convicted patients live out their sentences. It is also a place to evaluate patients to see if they are criminally insane or just lying criminals.

It is up to the main character, renowned psychiatrist Dr. Lisa Williams to do these evaluations.
 After a horrific accident, Lisa is plagued with flashbacks. Going back to work she is assigned a new patient, Harvey Power that needs to be evaluated for the crime of murdering his family.

I will not give spoilers to the rest of the story.

This story had a chilling atmosphere with great character development and a twisted plot. Aside from the proofreading errors, this story is filled with tension, suspense, anxiety, and terror.


Walk With Me Into the Dark

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