October’s Free and On Sale Books

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Fill up your eReader with tons of spooky stories to keep those pages turning into the wee hours of the night. Happy Fall! Y’all. Enjoy.

Ok friends here is the deal. Free books through BookFunnel and StoryOrigin. Now you must download their app. Never heard of them contact me and I’ll tell you how to get them. When you click on the picture after deciding on the book that you are interested in they will ask you for your name and email address. And that is ok because they will send you a newsletter with their other books and other possiblely free stuff. You were interested in their free book why not read their other books. This is a great way to find new authors. All they ask is if you could review (tell if you liked the book) the book. Some review sites are Amazon, BookBub, Goodreads but if you not you can send them a quick message of thank you and it was good. They live off of feedback. That’s it. Easy peasy!

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