My October “What to Read Next” List

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I don’t know about you but oh my golly I am so behind on my “what to read next” list. In between my breakthrough COVID-19 sickness and my ambitious self, signing up for way too many arcs and beta reads, I just haven’t had the time to pick from my own pile of “to be read” books.
But for October and November, I am getting organized by creating a list of my reading. In doing so I will have room for suggestions. So, I’m going to ask for your help.
Have you read any of the below books and if so we’re they great, good, eh or bad? Tell me what you thought of them.
Or better yet, do you have a book suggestion for me to read and review. Let me know and I will do it.
Also, I am planning to give away a prize when I reach my one hundredth book review. So hopefully you’ll follow me on all of my social media sites. Follow and like my posts and maybe even comment on them and maybe you’ll win a prize.

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