The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District

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by Nathan Bush

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Written in Blood: The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District (Volume 1)

Detective Ken Collins is completing his rookie year in Homicide, a division of the Investigative Branch of the Foley Police Department, when a serial killer with an insatiable appetite for destruction, and a desire to ruin Ken’s life, begins mutilating prostitutes in the 8th District. Ken must work the case with his partner, Senior Detective John Filcher, all while dealing with personal circumstances that include physical and mental issues, burgeoning questions about his Eternal security, and his dad’s recurring illness. Unfortunately for the duo, the killer is brutal and efficient and leaves no trail to follow. Things get complicated for them when the investigation turns south, and the Governor’s newly initiated ‘Special Crimes Division’ shows up. During the investigation, John, a devoted Christian, uses every opportunity to try and lead Ken to the Truth. Will Ken and John find the killer before more victims die? Will the killer make good on his vow to destroy Ken? Will the ‘Special Crimes Division’ make a move to take the case away from the detectives from the 8th District? Will Ken accept the Truth that can change his life forever? This is a story written with multiple points of views. A murder mystery tale with characters that are normal, believable, and realistic. For this being his first novel, it is well written.

Root of Evil The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District (Volume 2)

Detective Quin Butler is the new guy in the Homicide Division of Foley’s 8th District. He isn’t in town long when he and his partner, Senior Detective John Filcher, draw their first case together. A man is found bludgeoned to death and his motel room ransacked. Nothing at the scene suggests what the killer was after. To add to the mystery, his body is riddled with odd-shaped markings. As they work the investigation, new evidence in a cold case comes to light and makes life even more hectic for the pair. Trouble abounds for Quin in his personal life when he meets a beautiful woman, who happens to be an old friend (old flame?) of John’s. Why is John so protective of her? What circumstances caused her to leave Foley in the first place? When the answers come, will Quin second guess his decision to pursue her against John’s wishes?

Once again this story involves Detective John Filcher and his division. It is a murder mystery crime story.

Twisted Christian The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District Book 3

Verdugo, a man with a skewed view of scriptural interpretation, believes he has been chosen by God to pour out His judgment on the men responsible for a young girls death and bring justice to her and her family.

Detectives Berg Anderson and John Filcher are thrust together to find him. One is a self-proclaimed non-believer; the other, a professed Christian.

How will the non-believer handle being saddled with a true Christian for a partner? Will Verdugo be able to complete his mission before he is captured or killed? Or will the Homicide Detectives succeed in stopping him before the body count gets out of control?

Detective John Filcher is at it again but with a new partner. It is a murder mystery crime story with a twist.

Preying Games, The Foley Chronicles, Files from the 8th District Book 4

She’s on the hunt, and Foley will be her preyground. Amy is a tech savvy blogger who is tired of being trampled on by men. Utilizing her considerable technical skills, she concocts a plan to rid Foley of its aristocracy by drawing them into a deadly game of seduction. Namely, men of power and money. Men who think they’re above the rest of society. Men who are out for themselves. Detective Shelby Lynn joins the 8th District Homicide Squad and is immediately thrust into an untenable situation when she’s partnered with the disagreeable Detective Berg Anderson. They soon team with Senior Detective John Filcher and Detective Quin Butler on a case, which quickly turns into more than a simple murder investigation. The team encounters crime scenes that aren’t what they seem, bugs, drugs, newspaper editorials, a possible copycat killer, one of their own in trouble, and much more. Can the Homicide Detectives of the 8th District stop this killer before she eliminates her lengthy list of prey?

This story has a whole slew of characters besides Detective John Filcher. Another creepy murder mystery crime story.

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