They were average people caught in a deadly time.

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URBAN GRIDLOCK: A Post Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Thriller

(Chronicles of the Undead: Book 1)

by Jaime Hernandez

Rating: 5 out of 5.
A Post Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Thriller: (Chronicles of the Undead: Book 1)
by Jaime Hernandez

They were average people caught in a deadly time.

Lifelong best friends Max and Jesse are six stories high working a construction job, when the gates of Hell explode in downtown Cleveland. They bear witness to the furious beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. Trapped in the middle of the city, the pair must fight their way back to the only thing that matters… their families.

As the two struggle to make their way out of the city, their families must do whatever is necessary to survive. Max’s family is in a race against time to fortify their suburban castle against the coming storm, while Jesse’s family is forced to leave the comfort of their home to find a secure shelter.

With danger and horrors surrounding them, they must all find their way back to each other. In the fight to stay alive, who will live and who will die?

Follow the terrifying tale of these two families from one of the bestselling, award-winning authors of the Zombie Road Fan Fiction Collection.

If you are looking for a zombie apocalypse story then look no further. This story has it all. A strong storyline/plot, page turning steady momentum and suspense, action packed vivid scenarios, strong, smart, and relatable characters that you are invested in and a well written and intelligently thought-out plan. A “how to guide” for when the SHTF with great information.

It is based on the first three days of a world ending apocalypse. It follows the main characters, Max Lopez, and Jesse Ramirez as they try to reunite with their families. Their wives, Michelle and her two kids, Lucia and Joey and Anna and her two kids, Camille, and Damon as they set up base at the Lopez home. It ends with a cliffhanger but since the second book is already out then there is no need to worry.

“Holy shit, it’s raining bodies” and a “twice dead” zombie are my favorite lines from the book.

This book is Jaime Hernandez first book in the Chronicles of the Undead.

The second book is Suburban Jungle: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Thriller (Chronicles of the Undead)

The third book is in the works!

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