So this is what love feels like…

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The Raged – A Review

by Daemon Manx

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by Daemon Manx

So this is what love feels like…

Strange things come in small packages. Adrian Billard believes he knows what it's like to be different, and has nearly given up hope of ever finding happiness. But, a strange package left on his doorstep is about to turn his entire world upside down. Everything Adrian thinks he knows is about to change. He is about to meet...Abigail.

It was the most remarkable and unforgettable story I have ever read. A quick short fast read. It is easy and straightforward. Well imagined and descriptive. New and fresh with a twist.

A gay man has a life changing experience with a 1 in a billion baby. Throughout his life he has felt like “less than” or “othered” until he meets Abigail. She is one of God’s most special creation and Adrian Billard falls in love with her.

Demon genealogy
Science Fiction

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