Everything’s fresh on Lilith’s Farm. Especially the bodies.

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A Review of Mungwort

by James Noll

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by James Noll

Everything’s fresh on Lilith’s Farm. Especially the bodies.

Welcome to Spotsylvania, Virginia, a perfect place to raise a family. Unless you’re Cece Stone. Cece ran away from Spotsy a long time ago, choosing the life of the road dog overstaying anywhere close to home. Tough and independent, she makes her living all over the country, picking strawberries in Salinas, pipefitting in Prudhoe, hauling lumber in Longview. But a mysterious postcard from home brings her back to Spotsy, specifically to Lilith's Farm. The work is hard, and her bosses are jerks, but at least the food is good.

Then strange things start to happen. The fence that borders the farm seems like it's under attack from the forest. Toxic fungus balls keep popping up on the tree trunks. And one by one, her fellow workers go missing.

Anybody else would try to escape, but escape isn't possible. Besides, Cece's on a mission to find her missing father, and nothing, not the forest, not the fungus balls, and certainly not her creepy bosses, will stop her.

An interesting story. Descriptive and entertaining. Easy to read and kind of gross visions of farm life.


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