Dead Road – A Review

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by Alex Apostol

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Dead Road: A Zombie Series
(Dead Soil Book 2) 
by Alex Apostol

The group of wanderers in the wilderness of Northwest Indiana and the group of survivors at the Dune Ridge apartment complex have come together in this thrilling tale of zombie apocalypse survival. With the scientist, Liam, gone only his journal is left to give hope for a cure to the zombie plague. Christine, Zack, and the others band together to deliver the journal to the disease research center in the heart of downtown Chicago, but it is not an easy road ahead of them.

Ok. I’m calling it. Cozy zombie apocalypse story. Once again the same people left over from the first book that are on a mission. I just can’t get enough of Alex Apostol’s writing.

The next book in her series Dead World will be out in October 2021. I so can’t wait.


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