Realm of Lost Souls – A Review

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by J. M. Hart

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Realm of Lost Souls:
Chronicles of The Supernatural
Book Two
by JM Hart

She helped save the world. But to keep her father alive, she’ll have to bring down a demon all on her own…

Jade is bone-tired from battling a shape-shifting plague. While the 16-year-old knows she was chosen to protect the world, she wonders if she’s the weakest of all her heroic friends. But when she receives nightmarish visions of her demon-possessed father, she is convinced that only she can save his soul.

Enlisting the help of her portal-master friend Kevin, she’s terrified to discover her dark hallucinations are all too real. Now her only hope of banishing the life-draining demon is to unlock her native ancestors’ secrets and enter the treacherous Realm of Lost Souls. If she cannot conjure the full force of her abilities in time, she’ll lose her life, her father and unleash a new host of horrors upon the world.
Can Jade trust her spirit to outwit a demon before she loses everything she loves?

Realm of Lost Souls is the second book in the Chronicles of the Supernatural fantasy series, a paranormal post-apocalyptic adventure. If you like steadfast heroines, dystopian settings, and a dash of blood-curdling horror, then you’ll love JM Hart’s riveting tale.

This is the second book in this series. The first book The Emerald Tablet: Chronicles of The Supernatural Book One is well explained so that you are up to speed. The story building is beautifully detailed. The plot is frightening and surreal. The characters are young adults but with special powers and are easily relatable. Everything clicks into place between the world, story, and characters. It’s the age old good versus evil with demons thrown into the mix.

Science Fiction

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