Static – A Review

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On Kindle Vella Today

by Jacqueline Druga

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by Jacqueline Druga

On Kindle Vella Today

For dust you are and to dust you will return....

On Memorial Day afternoon, the skies above Carthage, Missouri brighten as if the sun explodes. It lasts a few seconds. Everyone believes it to be a fluke. But it doesn't just happen in Carthage, it happens all over. While delayed, the aftereffects of the event are brutal to all those who were exposed to the flash. Those not exposed like Alana Cross are helpless to do anything. There is nothing that can be done but watch as humanity crumbles and extinction looms on the horizon.

What a freakishly chilling take on an apocalyptic event and post-apocalyptic survival story. Jacqueline Druga has no bounds to where her imagination will take us. I was immediately scared thinking of the “what ifs.” Easy to read page turner that is thought provoking in so far as what would you do? I love the everyday characters put in extraordinary circumstances with a choice to decide. There is always a choice. What would you choose? I found myself wondering which character I would be. Which choices I would make.

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