Wild Refuge – A Review

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(A Yellowstone Shifters Novel)

by K. Panikian

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Wild Refuge: A Yellowstone Shifters Novel
by K. Panikian

Sienna has come to terms with who she is or what she is a puma shapeshifter.

Due to a treaty between the territory alphas, the national parks and national forests were off-limits to the packs. No alpha could enter them, and no shifters could patrol them. After learning to control her puma shifting abilities, Sienna, a Yellowstone Park Ranger, finds peace for the first time in her life.

Except there is a murder of an exiled elk shifter, Daniel found by Soren, a West Yellowstone pack beta. Here to help her investigate the murder is
Nick Ryan a law enforcement ranger in Yellowstone and her sort-of on again off again boyfriend. Also helping is her friend, Jordan who is also a backcountry ranger like her, and a lynx shifter. Not to make things any easier is her old boyfriend Logan Black wanting back in the picture after leaving her long ago over his fear of her beast. Add in an old enemy and tormentor named Blair sticking in her nose where it doesn’t belong, and you got a messy murder. Oh, Did I mention the sexy alpha, August that leaves her wild beast wanting.

She knows that if an alpha saw her Beast form, a powerful hybrid of human and puma, with enormous claws and teeth and unparalleled strength, she would be forced into the life of some kind of super soldier or executed for being too monstrous. So, who does she trust?

Now someone from her past is back under suspicious circumstances, and the competing packs that surround her home are threatening open war.

When the fires start, Sienna knows that she must intervene, even if it risks exposure of her rare power. If she doesn’t figure out the hidden connections, she may lose everything. But is the truth worth her freedom?

The backdrop is Yellowstone National Park with different kinds of shapeshifters. The characters are unique with miles of personality. There’s mystery and shifters and sexual tension and shifters and action and shifters. Get my drift. It was an easy read that was entertaining with drama, suspense, and action. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. And I hope the author writes this series for a long time to come. You got my vote.

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