A Review of Mirror Man by Jacques Von Kat

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Mirror Man

by Jacques Von Kat

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Mirror Man
by Jacques Von Kat

Twenty-one-year-old, John-Michael is often misunderstood and considered odd or weird.

He feels like he’s missing something in life but he’s not sure what that is. But when he is looking into mirrors he sees everything and more…that most people don’t.

Then one day he sees a strange man in a blue suit that appears in town. A man who doesn’t belong there, and who has a suspicious curiosity for the antique shop where John-Michael works and its owner.

And then his employer is found dead, and he becomes the number one suspect.
John Michael finds himself trying to solve the mystery himself maybe by being overly observant he can find clues others miss. But if he does will anyone really believe him or will the man in the blue suit catch up to him?

I really liked the character John-Michael. He was sweet and entertaining. The plot was good and flowed easily. But the ending was a twist.


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