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PREY: Revelations

Book two in the series.

by T. Purcell Dodge

PREY: Revelations
By T. Purcell Dodge

Book two in the series.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
PREY: Revelations
By T. Purcell Dodge

“Gage,” she responded as she closed the door behind her, “as in baggage without the bag,”

If you didn’t read book one in this series called Prey: Emergence then “spoiler alert” Gage is ok.

Bridget “Gage” Grayson thought she was done confronting her past but that was wishful thinking. With the revelation that she isn’t really an orphan because her parents are alive sends her into a tailspin. Now she must choose to trust her father or her family at Prey.

This a complicated storyline that makes you really feel for the main character, Gage. This book is just as fun as the first one but just a little deeper and more frustrating in terms of her relationships.

There is profanity, mild rude humor, and violence in this book.



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