What are the rules of the Game!

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Lost & Found

(Book One of the E Apochrypha)

by Alex Andre

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Lost & Found 
Book One of the E Apochrypha
by Alex Andre

Rules of the Game!

The world is broken. Decades after a catastrophic event wiped out all technology.
The ancients, had such unimaginable levels of technology, and screwed up so badly, losing everything. And then came the Faith, spreading like a plague, burning books, tearing down libraries, and smearing any trace of progress as apostasy.
Seventeen-year-old, Park Yuni-mi was on her way to becoming the most famous Rat in the City with the guidance of her mentor Kim Joon-woo. Then came the loss of Joon-woo, and with it the end of the life she’d known. The almost rape. Being sold like livestock and her first kill. Then there’s Private Baxter “Buck” Brennan, a fresh recruit in the religious Five Points Army, the confederation’s military. He is given a mysterious mission to the fabled City that leads him into the wasteland, beyond the Boundary. Add in a hauler, Rajan Gupta, The Rotten Can, working from a sprawling railroad empire called the Station, Captain Weinberg, Head of Locksville Intelligence Service. And finally, a prominent hierarchy made up of the Five Golden Dragons of the High Council of New Kowloon, a powerful trade house. Park and Buck become entangled in a geopolitical game. 

Oh my! What fun! It has such an imaginative world built around machines. I cried, laughed, and screamed at and with the characters. This was an interesting book. I will reread to see if I missed anything this go round.

Walk With Me Into the Dark

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